Recruiting for Male Actors

When I see someone who sticks me as a good candidate for one of the male characters in Haunted Java, I give them a card and ask if they will consider auditioning later this year. Generally, and so far, they’ve said yes. It’s so exciting. I need six men for my play! As of now, I have four!

And the really good thing about these guys auditioning, is they are friends of mine. So basically I’m gathering a cast of my friends! How totally cool is that?

I mean really!


So Surreal

May 3 – You know, I’m different from most writers. I’m an extrovert. Getting in front of people exhilarates me. So when the head guy of the Rialto Players, the theater troupe, said, “I think she should direct it–I’ll be available for any questions…” I wanted to jump up out of my chair and dance around the table. Instead, I calmly responded, “I can do that.”

I hope I don’t regret it, but deep in my wildest dreams that was what I had hoped I could do, who knew it would work out that way. But why am I surprised? I pray for God’s favor all the time, then when I get it, I’m shocked and thrilled.  LOL. Really, silly me.

So, our biggest obstacles is getting male actors, and I have already started recruiting. I’ve asked the three men in my writer’s group, two have said maybe. (Maybe is not a no!) and I asked Ira, a nurse at my husband’s work who is also an actor with another theater group. He didn’t say no, so that’s a maybe to me. (See prior definition of Maybe!) Also, I asked him to ask his wife to audition. I think having an already married couple in the leading roles would be great since they are supposed to fall in love and kiss.

May 4 – I bought two books off Amazon, one is “Thinking like a Director” and the other is “The Perfect Stage Crew.” I hope they will help me be better prepared. Also, I’ve been thinking I will attend the next audition for the other plays being presented this year, so I can glean info from the established process. I was invited to attend the monthly Rialto Players’ meeting but I’ll be at a writers’ conference, so I will attend the next one in June and all the rest for that matter. I AM part of the Players now!

May – 5 Oh, I am getting so ready for this! I bought a 2-year pocket calendar and a binder (with Boston terrier puppies, of course). NOW, I’m a director. Ha!

May 6 -I counted lines and made a spread sheet. Now I know who has how many lines in which scene and who speaks in which scene, or who doesn’t speak. I found that, If necessary to double cast, Lucas and Paul could also play Ralph and Ron. I’d rather not…

I edit the play to cut down the time. Only took out the unnecessary dialog about the waitresses background.

Started a blog about this whole journey! (Thank you for reading it.)

May 7 – World Premiere. That’s what they are calling this play. It will be seen nowhere else, but here at the Rialto, in Florence, Co.  It’s written about the Rialto, and just HAS TO BE performed at the Rialto!

I dropped by Mugs Coffee Cafe to let Jaime (my muse waitress) know it’s on and I really want her to audition. There are other spots to fill, I hope we have a good turnout for auditions.

May 8 – Got my hair done with two color highlights: blonde and Violet-Mocha. It’s edgy and dramatic. Just like a director should look! Ha! Nails and toes done. Lordy, I love a pedicure!

And that has been my week since I found out this amazing dream is coming true. Thanks for walking with me on this journey!

Have you ever had a dream come true? Please tell me about it, I’d love to hear from ya! Let’s share our blessings and rejoice! Hallelujah.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

An incredible thing happened to me recently. I wrote my first play, based on a book I wrote in 2017 called Java Masterpiece, which is in the series, Java Cupid (available on

The play is called Haunted Java.

Then I talked to a contact I know at the Rialto Theater in Florence, Colorado. He’s head of the Events Committee and invited me to present my play and intensions toward having it performed in the Rialto.

The Event Committee was thrilled, loved it, can’t wait, and offered for me to DIRECT it too. I am so excited, thrilled, terrified, honored, happy, (fill in the emotion). So, being a writer, of course, I’m going to blog about my journey from Author to Playwright to Director. So come join me on this amazing journey…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


BTW, the production will be the weekend before and after Valentines day 2019.

Check out the Historical Rialto Theater for yourself.

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